Perfect Malty Chocolate Post Workout Smoothie

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It’s super important to re-fuel your body after a workout in order to continue to feel good throughout the day and for longevity in your workout routine…. and let’s be honest, sometimes an exciting and delicious post-workout snack can be enough motivation to get your but off the couch and workout… at least I know the promise of a chocolatey smoothie works as an effective bribe to make me workout!

This recipe includes lots of ingredients that give you a big energy boost. It will help you replace the energy from carbohydrates you have depleted during your workout with delicious banana and some oats. It includes maca powder, which is a complete protein and is said to be the “energising superfood”. Cacao powder makes this recipe chocolatey, high in antioxidants and magnesium and really gives you a huge energy boost after your workout! (I can’t eat cacao too close to bed time because it gives me too much energy!). I hope you love it! Send me a pic on Instagram if you make it!
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  1. Blend all ingredients together with a Nutribullet
  2. Top with cacao nibs for chocolate chip smoothie vibes!



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